We are Jeff and Amelia Bennett and like every Ice Cream Parlour owners, we love Ice Cream. However, more than Ice Cream, we love us some Fresno. 

Jeff is a true transplant. He grew up in the hills near the dairy preserves of Chino, California followed by ten years by the sea in Ventura and Carpenteria before falling in love with a valley girl (Central Valley, that is). Jeff moved to Fresno just in time for the heat of summer in 2011. Jeff has a passion for people and food. He has 20 years of experience serving his community delicious treats and coffee while managing his beloved staffs. Bringing up and training employees motivates him to go to work every day. The son of an entrepreneur, Jeff always wanted to have his own restaurant with his own staff that he could call home.  Jeff also loves music, photography, and hockey. Jeff's favorite thing about Fresno is its big city feel with small town roots. 

Amelia has called Fresno home since 1998. She is the daughter of a winemaker and a homemaker which turns out to produce one pretty decent palate with a big heart attached to it.  Amelia is what we call a "Boomerang." She went away for college to Baylor University (SIC'EM BEARS!) but returned to Fresno after graduating to be close to family and invest back into her hometown. After meeting Jeff and falling in love, she very quickly realized that Jeff's dream of being a small business owner could also fulfill many of her heart's desires. Amelia, like Jeff, loves people and food. She loves eating, cooking, baking, and making ice cream of course! More than creating food, she wants to create community with a perfect scoop. Amelia's favorite thing about Fresno is the fields, vineyards, and orchards. Especially flying over them as you descend home to the airport after being gone.