Why Ice Cream?    

Fresno is hot. Like, H. O. T. hot. And handrafted, small-batch, ice cream is nowhere to be found! We like ice cream, but we LOVE excellent ice cream and Fresno needs excellent ice cream.

Why Fresno?    

We love Fresno! Fresno is so unique. It is diverse, it is always growing, and it somehow still has a small-town feel. Although sometimes overlooked by the bigger cities of southern and northern California, Fresno is a gem. It is an agricultural bounty and a true cultural melting pot. There is so much to gain from investing in Fresno on a foodie and personal level. Why wouldn't you want to invest in this town?!

Why not a Food Truck?    

While the food truck scene in Fresno is awesome and frequented often by us, we want a place for our customers to consider a second home. Having a "brick & mortor" location will allow us to make and sell our ice cream all in one beautiful location that you can come and visit. Our hope is that we can be a part of your traditions by providing an inviting space to celebrate birthdays and T-ball championships. A place to have first dates followed by anniversaries, and an intimate space to cry over broken hearts with your girlfriends (or pints to-go of course in case the ugly cry is about to happen. We've all been there).

Where are your ingredients sourced?    

Our goal is to fully display the many wonderful products the Central Valley has to offer! All of our ingredients will be locally sourced when it makes sense to do so and all of our mix-ins will be produced in house. We want to offer you only the best in every scoop of ice cream you enjoy. 

We are extremely proud to source all of our dairy from Top O' the Morn Farms in Tulare CA. You can check out their website here.

We will also be proudly serving fresh roasted coffee from Lanna Coffee and teas from Raziana Tea.